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Salary of an experienced SDR manager.


Average starting bonus at your first tech sales job

$2.7 trillion

Annual family income may be lost in the United States because of automation according to McKinsey

Americans now have more than $1.4 trillion in unpaid education debt.
The average class of 2016 grad has $37,172 in student loan debt to repay.

Chart Your Path to Success in the Booming Tech Business

Understanding how to sell is fundamental to building a business and a career. It’s why more than ⅓ of CEOs come from a sales background…

But selling has changed. We no longer just sell products, we sell our ideas, we sell technology, we sell better outcomes — we sell ourselves.

As a sales development rep (SDR), you’ll learn to build relationships, identify opportunities, establish value for customers, and develop transferable skills that you’ll use throughout your career. 

You’ll place yourself directly in the line of revenue, and encounter ever-growing opportunities to accelerate within and sustain a lucrative career.
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What Makes a Successful Sales Development Representative

The best SDRs master the art of generating, qualifying and moving prospects through the sales pipeline, and do it with a human touch.

A great SDR will never memorize a sales pitch. They’ll listen, empathize, and deeply understand their prospects’ challenges.

Top SDRs communicate value in a way that connects with their prospects on a personal level, and provides helpful and valuable solutions along the way.

Game-changing Skills SDRs Should Possess










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A World of Opportunities, Hear It from Our Fellows

“SV really gives you the capability to not just do well, but to thrive... to have everybody be like -How did you know what to do in that scenario!- and also gets you the opportunity to mentor other people which is really exciting.”

DeForest Williamson, SDR at NoRedInk

“You’ll know immediately what your workflow should be, what the protocol is, wether your are speaking in the phone or through email. You can really excel given that you have structure and you know exactly where to go in.”

Ryan Tseng, SDR at Gladly

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