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Secure a great job with a starting full-time offer of $79,000.

The SV Academy Tech Sales Fellowship is an online, full- or part-time, tuition-free skill building and mentorship program that connects job-seekers with employers hiring for full-time sales roles in tech.

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We are currently accepting applications for Cohort 33, starting April 6th.
We work with over 200 employer partners and have generated more than $40 million in full-time starting offers for our graduates.

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Accounting, Menlo College
Business Development Representative, SurveyMonkey

“SV Academy is free, but the catch is that it was a lot more challenging than I expected. You have to put in a lot of time and be prepared to receive a lot of feedback. The program is designed with employers, so everything I learned was directly related to the types of work I am doing now in my full-time job.”

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Journalism, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo
Account Executive, Optimizely

“I speak to senior professionals at F500 corporations everyday. They are busy and have high expectations. A lot more conversations end in a “no” than a “yes”, so you have to have a tough skin and not take things personally. The experience is incredible. I have the confidence to speak to anyone now.”

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Healthcare Administration, UNLV
Account Manager, Intercom

“Once I started the fellowship I began to appreciate how big the opportunity really is in Silicon Valley. I felt that I had an instant community of friends and mentors from interesting companies around the industry. The social events are such a great way to build relationships with people who are around your age doing the exact same thing you are in a new city.”

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Economics and History, Williams College
Customer Success Manager, Persado

“The idea of being a salesperson was very intimidating to me when I first decided to accept my offer to join SV Academy. After starting in business development for an AI software company, I’ve moved into a different part of the company in a more senior role. My SV Academy coach has stuck with me.”

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Commerce, Santa Clara University
Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

“When you complete the first three months of the program, your resume is sent through a special system to hiring employers for first-round interviews (vs. applying through their websites, which I’ve tried before and usually received no response). It took about 4 weeks to complete interviews and sign a full-time offer.”

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TechCrunch: "SV Academy just landed $9.5 million to offer tuition-free training that puts people in tech jobs"

TechCrunch: "SV Academy just landed $9.5 million to offer tuition-free training that puts people in tech jobs"

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Your Pathway into Tech Sales

Build the skills you need to enter the world of tech job-ready.

Our mission is to give you the expertise, experience and connections you need to land a high-growth and fulfilling job in tech sales. Whether or not you have access to exclusive networks, have previous work experience or even know how to code, SV Academy can help you land a role that changes your career trajectory for the better.

Explore SV Academy’s full- and part-time fellowship options
Learn to transfer the skills you’ve already gained to tech. Support them with crucial business development expertise.
Skills employers value
Real-world experience
Our program includes an internship at a tech startup so you can hit the ground running once you get hired.
World-class mentors
From LinkedIn to Google, your new network of mentors are leaders in the industry’s biggest companies.
A great job
in tech
Complete the first 4 weeks of our program and transition into a junior role at a fast-growing company with a starting full-time offer of $79,000.

The Incredible ROI of Tech Sales Jobs

Building core skills is great — but only if they are transferable and in demand. SV Academy fellowships are specifically tailored to developing core competencies of high-growth, high return sales development representative (SDR) roles in tech.Through the program, you’ll learn how to hack your tech career by entering a booming field as an SDR. You’ll build a foundation in sales, marketing, network-building, and driving innovation across teams — and even get support finding job placement upon graduation at top firms in tech.

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Hear From Our Partners

Joseph Riquelme

Assistant Vice President, FIU Online, FIU

“This partnership marks a significant milestone for FIU and opens up doors to careers in tech for our alumni everywhere.”

Darcy Richardson

Director of Continuing & Professional Education for EdPlus at Arizona State University

"With so many of our graduates interested in technology and our close proximity to California, where many of our students come from, partnering with SV Academy is another way for us to help people pursue the career they want."

Ashton Kutcher

Co-founder and General Partner at Sound Ventures

“We’re excited to partner with SV Academy, a team that’s democratizing access to life-changing careers and economic opportunity with a truly unique approach — this is education that’s hands-on and tuition-free, with a job on the other side.”

Get job-ready then get hired.

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Cohort 33
April 6, 2020
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